La Siberia region has exceptional surroundings to practice multiple open-air activities. We have the support and collaborate with experts and professionals in the area: Siberocio Ecoturismo, OtisTea Photo Ecoturismo, Ganadería “MR” y Queseria Qavium, Bigfishspain,... your time with your beloved ones in these activities will be memorable!

We are also very close to Geoparque Villuercas Ibores Jara, where you will enjoy unique natural experiences organized by NatRural-Astrovilluercas.


Hiking and Cycling

In the region there are numerous paths and trails for hiking and cycling.

Two essential routes for walking and enjoying spectacular views are Cerro Masatrigo, a mountain considered magical by the Templars and an icon of our region, declared a Natural Monument in 2023, and the ascent to Puerto Peña, at the top of which you can enjoy watching the birds fly at your feet, and halfway up to the cave of La Mora and its cave paintings. More detailed information can be found in "Nature Guide La Siberia".

There are also long-distance routes of great interest: the "Camino a Guadalupe" (last stage of the Miners' Way) and "River Guadiana Nature Trail".



Bird lovers will surely find a paradise in La Siberia. The area features a richness of bird species thanks to the varied and precious ecosystems present in the region.

You can enjoy guided bird watching tours, but you can also explore the area on your own and make the most of the large number of "Bird viewpoints and observation points" dispersed all over the region. Moreover, OtisTea Photo Hides offers some photographic hides for different species.

Among birds, we can highlight those typical from rocky areas, wooded areas and cereal steppes. Some of the birds you find here are among the “most wanted” species by tourist birders: Spanish Imperial Eagle, Cinereous Vulture, Black Stork, Golden Eagle, Bonelli's Eagle, Egyptian Vulture, Goshawk, Great Bustard, Little Bustard, Crane, and quite a lot of others.

Water Activities

La Siberia is water land: it has five large reservoirs in the basin of the Guadiana river (Cijara, Garcia Sola, Orellana, La Serena and Zujar), which have drastically modified the area. It is the area in Spain with the highest number of kilometers of fresh water coast! You can find unique spaces along the coasts to enjoy a swim or practice water sports, as well as being a privileged place for fishing.

Tha quality of the bathing places is such that since 2022 some beaches have received the blue flag badge, including our Calicantos Beach located just two kilometres from the town centre.

For water activities (kayaks, paddle surfing, etc) we have Siberocio Ecoturismo and Siberactiva.


La Siberia has five large reservoirs in the basin of the river Guadiana, which make the region a privileged place for fishing, where you can find large specimens of pike, pike-perch, back-bass, carp or barbel. More detailed information can be found at "topfishinglakes".

If what you want is a good fishing guide, you will find it in BigFishSpain, our friend Carlos will make your fishing trips unforgettable.


Cultural and Natural visits

La Siberia has a rich cultural heritage, because numerous settlers chose the area since ancient times. So we can find cave paintings, vestiges of the Romans, Almohads, Templars.... Villages and towns in the area feature unique popular architecture, traditions with local folklore and cultural festivals, and of course a rich gastronomy!

On the natural side, we enjoy the landscape dominated by the Appalachian relief, and by a fauna and flora of great value (for example, the variety of orchids). The seasons of the year bring events that are worth seeing for yourself: the bellowing of the deer, the roaring of the fallow deer, the arrival of the cranes, the flowering of the rockroses in spring...

Astronomic observation

If you like to observe the firmament, the region has the "Galizuela Celestial Viewpoint", in the municipality of Esparragosa de Lares, the "Tamurejo Celestial Viewpoint", and the "La Siberia Celestial Viewpoint" located in Helechosa de los Montes.

In fact, Extremadura has one of the best skies for stargazing, due to the low light pollution, the quality of the atmosphere and the good weather. So, any place is a good place to enjoy a starry night, you don't even need to leave your backyard.



In the region you can find high quality agri-food products: cheeses, cured meats, honey, wines, oil, lamb... The products are produced in the traditional way, and there is the possibility of guided tours in some places. Highlights include the Qavium cheese factory in Esparragosa de Lares, where you can be a cheesemaker for a day, the Mundioliva olive oil mill in Siruela, and the Ruiz Torres winery in the Villuercas region. Likewise, in Fuenlabrada de los Montes, capital of honey, we can visit the honey museum.

For its part, the MR livestock farm offers the chance to spend a day as a shepherd at its facilities.